Los Angeles based creative consultant, entrepreneur, and content creator Jessa Black is known for her minimal and passionate approach to creative problem solving. Her keen sense of color, trend forecasting, and unique user-experience design has made her a sought after creative designer to high-end brands. Jessa has worked with many emerging and established brands with female, cannabis, luxury, and vegan brands being the majority of her focus.

Jessa has worked with a variety of large commercial clients as a creative director. She brings a fresh, millennial sensibility to commercial products and retailers to keep their customers interested and always ahead of the trends! Her strategic approach considers the brands’ big picture, campaign concepts, user-experience, as well as providing a facelift to the brand’s colors, textures, tones and current messaging.

As a creative consultant, Jessa provides support to designers and their teams, as well as team building. Making sure to clarify the focus of the brand’s story and current/future campaign goals. Jumping in as needed to fine tune digital and print projects, develop concepts, strategize creative goals, and create a solid brand vibe across all platforms.


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