Jessa Black

Jessa Black

Hi! I was going to write this in third-person, but started to feel weird about it. So hello, I’m a Los Angeles based creative, loving my city and what I do. I’m known on the streets for my modern & minimal style and passionate approach to creative problem solving. I love to create innovative color palettes for brands, creating ad campaigns and scouting the perfect locations for photo and video shoots.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide-variety of large commercial brands as an art director, graphic designer, and location scout – aiming to bring a fresh, millennial sensibility to consumer products and retailers that keep customers intrigued.

In my freetime, that doesn’t exist, I enjoy making music, hiking, and taking stay-cations.


Jessa Black

some things i do

Custom Web Design

Flexible and handcrafted websites for smart people with great brands.

Graphic Design

Trend-forward printed & digital designs that stand out.

Branding + Naming

Full branding experiences including naming, logo, taglines, and vibes.

Location Scouting

Finding the best spots to capture authentic moments.

Jessa Black

Jessa Black

Hey there! I'm a creative designer based in Hollywood, specializing in CPG brands. I love crafting memorable brand identities and designing unique packaging that jumps off the shelves. When I'm not obsessing over fonts and color palettes, you can find me exploring new coffee shops and farmer's markets for inspiration.