hey, i’m jessa black.

creative consultant, web designer, innovator





“I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to work with Jessa. I was very hesitant to start expanding my reach via the internet but working with Jessa has made it a smooth transition. She has a great understanding of SEO and branding. She listens well and doesn’t throw a One Size Fits All plan at you. Structural Integration is a niche profession in healthcare and Jessa has taken the time to learn about it in order to make our outreach plan more effective.

My site was ready to go only 1 day after the original launch date and that was because I was a little slow in providing her with some of the content. I highly recommend you talk with her prior to choosing a web designer and or an SEO specialist. I feel like I’m working with her during these early growth stages of @painstoptherapy and not just paying her to put my business and my profession on the map.

Thanks Jessa for helping me start this stage of my journey. Structural Integration will become a household term before long!”


“I have engaged Jessa’s design services many times as part of our firm’s website design projects, and I want anyone who is thinking of working with her to know that she has my highest recommendation. Her design talent is incredible, and she has often turned something that could be routine into something stunning.

She is skilled at listening to what is being asked for, incorporating requirements and turning out something better than imagined. She understands the different requirements for different types of businesses, and can deliver modern, understated classics or something that’s wildly creative and imaginative.

Her extraordinary design skills are paralleled by her reliable professionalism. I always know I can count on her for a quick response and a quick turnaround. She handles all our work with a great sense of urgency, and I always appreciate it.

I only wish I had met her earlier! I look forward to continuing to work with her as much as possible.”


“Website Design and Development Expert; Mayor, City of Gaithersburg, Maryland July 25, 2017, Jud was a client of Jessa’s Jessa is a remarkably talented designer and quite reliable as well (almost just as important!). We’ve used her design services to come up with concepts for a number of excellent website projects, some of which including icon and outside-the-box graphic work. Not only does she delivery quickly and on time, but her design work is outstanding. Highly recommend!!”


“Jessa’s recent web refresh of my website is AMAZING. She’s got an incredible eye, is easy to talk to, and her end product is top notch.”



Los Angeles based creative consultant, entrepreneur, and content creator Jessa Black is known for her minimal and passionate approach to creative problem solving. Her keen sense of color, trend forecasting, and unique user-experience design has made her a sought after creative designer to high-end brands. Jessa has worked with many emerging and established brands with female, cannabis, luxury, and vegan brands being the majority of her focus.



Email - jessa@livalto.com